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Advantages of the Single Market Economy It is possible to find countries forming economic blocs with other nations in the same or neighboring continents. Chief among the reasons for such unions is the desire to harmonize the processes that govern working, living, studying, and investing by citizens of the member states. In short, it is a process that results in the creation of a single market whereby geographical borders are no longer barriers to the activities that citizens wish to engage in. Let’s explore the top benefits of a single market economy in today’s world. Prices of commodities are lower for citizens of the countries in the economic bloc. In addition to improving their living standards, citizens of member countries of the single market have more saving opportunities. Note that the same goods are sold to other countries at high prices irrespective of the fact that these nations are close neighbors in geographical terms. With numerous member countries making up a bloc, you have a broad range of products from other nations to pick from. A situation like that often results in the improvement of products by manufacturers. As a result, consumers have a wide choice of high-quality and affordable products to pick from at all times.
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A single market economy allows for the movement of persons within the countries of the union. So, a visa may not be necessary for someone who intends to move from one country to the other for any reason. In addition to living, working, and studying in member countries, people can even choose to retire in a nation of their choice.
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The absence of bureaucratic procedures has made it possible to export products and services, which has led to the expansion of businesses to a significant extent. Now, it is possible to export to neighboring countries within a short time, reducing the cost of doing business and getting more of your products across the border easily. Besides, the number of customers you can sell to is larger since you can sell to citizens of your country and those of the nations in the bloc. A single market often results in the creation of a high number of employment opportunities. As a result, citizens of the bloc’s member countries have more choices when selecting whom to work for, and that has resulted in an increase in their standards of living because they now work fewer hours for more wages. The increased opportunities to grow their incomes have made them save more, and that has turned many of them into great investors. The integration of several countries to form a bloc has numerous social benefits as well. Persons of differing ethnicity and nations are now marrying one another. Also, war between member states is not likely with all the similarities and benefits that come with the formation of an economic and political bloc. A single market is the closest thing to a unified global community, which is what nations all over the world are yearning for.

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