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The Step By Step Procedures Of Painting

Nowadays, amateur painters are really blessed, since they have a lot of help. People can now paint their own houses, because of the new paint and new paint equipment that are being sold in the market. These new equipment and paint is much cheaper and it makes the paint job easier to do. For example, new outside rollers can actually paint a house that is average sized in just days. Self-dispensing, electric-drill attachments and premixed paints are some of the equipment that can make the paint preparation much easier and faster.

Materials used in painting houses and how to apply them:

Paints-are made from organic vehicles, mineral pigments and thinners.
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Varnishes- is made from dissolved resins in organic thinners.
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Enamels- is a pigmented varnish.

Shellac-this is a lac gum that is dissolved in alcohol.

Lacquers-there are two kinds of lacquers, clear and pigmented. This is a liquid substance that is treated nitrocellulose that is dissolve in thinners.

Stains-this is a pigmented oil.

Interior paint- this kind of paint is used to improve sanitary conditions, it has decorative effects and provides better lighting. This type of paint has four categories, such as flat, semigloss, gloss, wall primers and water paints.

Wall primers-this is applied on to bare plasters, porous surfaces, sealed surfaces and wallboards. In order, to have great results this is best applied with a wall brush that is wide.

One-coat flat paint-this kind of paint is an organic solvent thinned paint. This kind of paint is used for sealing, coating, priming and finishing. This kind of paint can be mixed with thinner, since it is like a thin paste.

Water-thinned paint has different kinds such as calcimine, gloss water paints, casein and resin-emulsion.

Calcimine-is made up of clay mixed that has animal glue binder, powdered whiting and preservative. The calcimine is easily washed and it cannot be recoated.

If you get the right paint, you can easily paint the house. But, it is much difficult to choose the right paint.

There are paints that you can use outdoors like water paints. There are some that has a tough finish that can withstand any attacks.

There are also paints that can quickly and easily dry, wherein you can immediately start the second coat. There are paints that has colors that are glittering.

Vinyl is a kind of paint that is used for floor tiles and upholstery. This type of paint can actually be used on any type of exterior except wood that is newly painted. You can use this on masonry blocks. Stucco, shingles and shakes, bricks and asbestos shingles.

You must keep in mind that most of the paints are ready mixed but there are certain factors that you must take into consideration such as the adaptability of the paint to the weather.

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