5 Takeaways That I Learned About Modems

A Guide to Modem-Router Combos

To be able to get your home computer or mobile devices connected to the internet, you will need a modem and a router which are its two major components. With a modem you can communicate with your internet service provider. A cable modem connects to your cable provider through a coaxial cable. Connection to a telephone line makes your modem a DSL modem. Your modem will necessarily depend on the ISP’s infrastructure capability. It could also be fiber or satellite.

A router makes it possible to share internet connection with other devices in your home or office. A wireless router creates a Wi-Fi network that devices can connect to. The router can also be provided with ports for Ethernet cables. with the modem, a router can connect different devices to the internet. The recipient and owner of a single IP address on the internet which servers on the net can connect to is the router.

Routers come with firewalls, which are protective barricades against the internet. With the router firewall, it gives protection in hardware format, in addition to the software firewall found in your computer.

Routers and modems are combine in one piece of equipment with ADSL devices.

With a few cosmetic differences, modem-router combos basically work the same way, whatever brand it is.

You can choose from many different types of modem-router combos with prices varying from less than fifty dollars to those over a hundred.

If your service provider is providing internet through cable network, the modem for cable is a standard one called the DOCSIS 3.0 being the latest format across all brands. A DSL connection has a VDSL connection for speeds greater than 15 Mbps, and an ADSL connection for lesser speeds.

Routers are easier to choose. Two types of technology are used with routers. There is a beam forming technology for fast AC which directs a beam at your device as compared to the radius wifi technology. This type of technology works well with both new and old devices. The range of speed are from 100 Mbps to 5300 Mbps.

Better to buy a modem router on your own rather than paying a low rent from the one that is provided by your service provider. The difference in internet speed is worth spending a few hundred dollars for.

It is better to have one unit that serves both functions of modem and router, a combo, in other words, than getting a separate modem and router. In this modem router combo you can use different brands together, and to get the most of it you should get all the features of the best modem and the best router for your system.

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